Ortiz-Arce Vizcarro, S.”EU-ETS and CORSIA: rivalry or partnership?”

The paper “EU-ETS and CORSIA: rivalry or partnership?” (Ortiz-Arce Vizcarro, S.) will be presented at the 7th Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures (21-22June, 2018). 


Aviation has significant effects on the climate system. Limiting the impact of air transport on climate change is a problem of paramount importance. A comprehensive global response to climate change demands effective policies to be extended worldwide. On aviation and climate mitigation two different regimes will coexist in the following years. There is, on the one hand, the EU ETS framework, which has a European dimension but an international vocation to expand. The inclusion of aviation in this carbon trading scheme has been operational since 2012. This regulation is mandatory for most airlines operating flights in airports within the European Economic Area (EEA). On the other hand, there is also an international market based measure. The CORSIA (Carbon Offsetting and Redaction Scheme for International Aviation) has been established at international level, within the ICAO framework. The first regime has paved the way to the CORSIA, based on offsetting, but many substantial elements still remain to be developed before becomes mandatory in 2027. The problem of balancing effectiveness and embracing most world States and commercial aircraft operators are still pending.

The presentation is available here.


Sara Ortiz-Arce Vizcarro is a Private international and EU Law expert. She teaches at the University of Valladolid (she has also teached Business Law. As a researcher, she started her PhD in Integration and Development Economics; and finished it with a distinction “cum laude” (doctoral thesis on regulation, aviation and the EU-ETS). She got the Extraordinary PhD Award. Her latest publications have focused on Climate Law and air transport (covering aspects such as climate policy and regulation at the international and EU frameworks, or international climate litigation). As a lawyer, she has an outstanding knowledge of the international, environmental and business law (Madrid Bar Association). After graduating in Law (Madrid and Tilburg), she collaborated with the DG Competition (European Commission). Once she followed her Masters in Environmental Management (legal, economic and social issues), she has practiced in legal and environmental matters (Spanish Merchant Shipping DG, European Social Fund Project). On the other hand, she has successfully advised clients in International Business Law, Commercial Law and Private International Law.

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