Book on Electricity Network Regulation in the EU

Electricity network regulation in the EU: the challenges ahead‎ for transmission and distribution

Edited by L. Meeus, (FSR, Vlerick Business School); J.M. Glachant (FSR, Loyola de Palacio)
Since the start of deregulation at the end of the nineties, the electricity market has undergone dramatic changes. It is often tricky for newcomers to understand why things are the way they are or to appreciate the route that led here. To get a historical perspective and tips for the future, we invite you to read Electricity Network Regulation in the EU – The Challenges Ahead for Transmission and Distribution by Professor Leonardo Meeus and the FSR Director, Prof. Jean-Michel Glachant.
This book is about the regulation of electricity networks, which means Transmission System Operators (TSOs), Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and other stakeholders. The European Commission’s Clean Energy Package is introducing a wave of new changes. The EU legislative framework is being adapted for the fourth time. This is therefore an excellent opportunity to look at what has happened over the last few years and what we can expect in terms of the regulation of electricity networks.

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