The last piece of the puzzle: Integrating South East Europe into the IEM

How can current market fragmentation be overcome and how can more liquid cross-border markets be created in South East Europe? How can investments be attracted in order to further develop the regional infrastructures and optimise their usage? What is the potential for TSO-DSO cooperation, smart grids and data management in the region?

The Florence School of Regulation is partnering with ENTSO-E in the organisation of the third and last Regional Conference, dedicated to South East Europe. The event is taking place in Thessaloniki (Greece), on Thursday 3rd November 2016.

The SEE Regional Conference is engaging relevant stakeholders from the policy, industrial and academic sectors to address the main regional challenges in the electricity field with the aim of fostering their cooperation. Reinforcing regional cooperation in markets, planning and operations is in fact essential to achieve the Internal Energy Market (IEM) and to deliver the benefits of the Energy Union to its citizens.

On Wednesday 2nd November, the FSR will also deliver an ‘Executive Training on Electricity Market Design’, restricted to TSOs’ senior staff, regulators and senior Ministry officials. The training provides insights into the current state of play of the power markets, including their development, challenges and integration. The course also analyses the most pressing electricity market design issues, including the implementation of the network codes, overcoming fragmentation, and handling a complex set of members and non-members of the EU with various degrees of integration among these countries.

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