Just published! New FSR Policy Briefs on Digitalisation and Network Tariff Design

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The Digital World Knocks at Electricity’s Door: Six Building Blocks to Understand Why

By Jean-Michel Glachant and Nicolò Rossetto (FSR)

Digitalisation is invading the electricity sector. How will it play out? Six building blocks, grouped into three categories, can provide the analytical framework required to navigate through the emerging new digital world.

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Limits of Traditional Distribution Network Tariff Design and Options to Move Beyond

By Tim Schittekatte and Leonardo Meeus (FSR)

Technological breakthroughs at the consumer-side are challenging the use of volumetric network charges. However, more cost-reflective tariffs will not necessarily be deemed fair. 

Based on the ‘Least- Cost Distribution Network Tariff Design in Theory and Practice’’. Details about the assumptions, data, and formulation of the mathematical model can be found in the research paper. 

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