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#FSR_YRS18 | the new generation of researchers goes on stage!

After a very successful launch in 2017, the second edition of the FSR Young Researcher Seminar will be hosted on 3-4July 2018 in Florence and it will cover:

  • Electricity Market Design (Day 1)
  • Electricity Grid Regulation (Day 2)

On both days, the morning session will be dedicated to a panel debate with experts coming from academia, industry and regulatory authorities; while the afternoon sessions will offer the selected young researchers the opportunity to present their papers and to receive a thorough feedback.

The seminar is organised under the scientific supervision of:

  • Jean-Michel Glachant | Florence School of Regulation at RSCAS (EUI)
  • Leonardo Meeus | Vlerick Business School and Florence School of Regulation at RSCAS (EUI)

Eight papers have been selected for presentation at the seminar:

  • Prosumer participation in the electricity market: a developing reality in an uncertain framework
  • Convex Hull, IP and European Electricity Pricing in a European Power Exchanges setting with efficient computation of Convex Hull Prices
  • How Can Balancing Markets Benefit from Distributed Energy Resources? Case of Three Balancing Markets
  • How will energy market regulation have to change in the era of Energy 4.0?
  • Least-cost distribution network tariff design in theory and practice
  • Capacity remuneration in power markets: an empirical assessment of the cost of precaution
  • Seeking workable solutions to electrification challenge in Nigeria: Minigrid, reverse auctions and institutional adaptation
  • TOTEX approach for regulating electricity distribution networks: a comparison of UK and Italy initiatives

We will introduce the authors on twitter one by one. Follow @FSR_Energy and join the discussion using the hastag #FSR_YRS18.