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The FSR takes its on-demand training to Indonesia

This week the FSR is in Indonesia facilitating our tailored training on The International Gas Regulation and Tariff Design for Perusahaan Gas Negara. This on-demand training provides a comprehensive overview on different types of regulatory models and practices in gas industries around the world and reviews in-depth the best practices in tariff design.

The training is divided into five modules which cover both theoretical and practical perspectives. Each training day concludes with a case study and a round table discussion led by a group of experts including regulators, industry practitioners and researchers.

Notable topics that will be covered during the five-day training include the ongoing liberalization process, including internationalization, re-regulation, market designs as well as the multiplication of pressures on the gas industry as consequence of changes in the supply and demand.

In order to present a comprehensive perspective and a broad overview of the practices in gas markets around world our instructors come from different countries (including South and North America and Europe).