FSR takes COVID-19 measures and strengthens online activities

Following a series of decrees by the Italian Government, The Florence School of Regulation has adopted measures to limit access to its premises to prevent spreading of COVID-19 among its employees.

FSR is located within the European University Institute campus and therefore abides to the same obligations. The EUI has issued a statement to clarify the preventive measures that have been put in place:

“EUI takes the responsibility to prevent the spread of COVID19 very seriously. Till 3 April only staff whose presence is necessary to continue activities is allowed to access our premises. Everyone else has been asked to work from home”.

Following the measures, the number of staff on campus has been reduced to a bare minimum to guarantee key administrative and institutional functions. Other members of staff have been fulfilling their duties remotely. 

Digital Solidarity initiative

As the measures prevent FSR staff from working from their offices, the school has launched an initiative to further extend our online activities. Following the Initiative of the Italian Ministry, Solidarietà Digitale (#DigitalSolidarity) FSR Energy & Climate has made available a number of free seats to our courses (starting from April till October 2020). A total of 50 free seats (max 20 seats per course, in order to guarantee the quality of the learning experience) are offered to professionals and students in the energy sector who are most affected by the COVID-19 country-based mitigation measures. Read more about the initiative and apply here. Candidates that are selected for the free seats will be contacted by our team in the following weeks.

Also, in the coming weeks, we will keep you posted about the rescheduling of our activities, including planned events and training. The FSR team supports all efforts by the Italian authorities in facing this emergency and we hope to resume our normal activities as soon as possible.

For further information regarding COVID-19 preventive measures and limitations on the use of EUI and FSR space and resources please read EUI official instructions: COVID-19: Important information for the EUI community and visitors.

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