Exploring New Regulatory Worlds – FSR in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has the benefit of being a latecomer to the electricity reform wave, which could allow the country to incorporate international best practices. The emergence of new distributed energy technologies, however, could ultimately challenge some fundamentals of the electricity reform model. Regulations would, therefore, need to evolve to create a level playing field for both distributed and traditional energy resources.

On December 10, 2017, the FSR Director, Jean-Michel Glachant was invited to contribute to the KAPSARC-SEC workshop hosted in Riyadh, from the title: “Electricity Reform and Technological Disruption: What Options for Saudi Arabia?”

What are the challenges ahead in the context of Saudi Arabia’s electricity sector? What lessons can be derived from international experiences? 

In his contribution, Glachant explores new regulatory models that facilitate the emergence of new electricity market design and business models, favoured by digitalization and decentralization.

Find the presentation here:


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