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Discussing FSR latest research @ Policy Advisory Council

Last Tuesday 24th April, the Florence School of Regulation hosted the Spring edition of its Policy Advisory Council (PAC).

The PAC meeting is held twice a year and gathers the whole FSR energy community of Major Donors, representatives of European Institutions, NRAs, ACER and academics. This meeting represents a unique opportunity for the School to discuss and collect relevant inputs on its latest research findings, as well as on the most topical regulatory and policy issues.

This edition addressed three main topics:

  •  TSOs-DSOs cooperation for distribution grid congestion management   
  • Grid connection network codes for electricity
  •  Renewable gas as one of the pillars of the decarbonisation strategy for the gas sector

If interested in digging deeper, you can access the related FSR publications discussed at the meeting:

DSO-TSO Cooperation Issues and Solutions for Distribution Grid Congestion Management (by Samson Hadush & Leonardo Meeus)

The EU Electricity Network Codes (by Leonardo Meeus & Tim Schittekatte)

Decarbonising the Gas Sector: is Renewable Gas a Serious Option? (by Andris Piebalgs & Maria Olczak)

180424 Policy Advisory Council – FSR Energy

180424 Annual Policy Advisory Council dinner