Digital Mobility: Call for proposals for a book chapter

The Florence School of Regulation (Professors Matthias Finger and Juan Montero as co-editors) is currently preparing a comprehensive edited volume on digital mobility to be published by Edward Elgar in 2024.

We are looking for chapters covering one of the four following areas:

• The ways by which digitalisation affects and transforms the different transport sectors (rail, road, aviation, maritime, urban transport), namely both the companies operating in these sectors as well as the sectors themselves (e.g., questions of convergence, intermodality, etc.).
• The use of digitalisation for planning, operating, maintaining, regulating and governing transport, both sectorally and multimodally.
• Newly emerging digital transport interfaces (platforms) and services, ranging from sectoral to multimodal platforms (e.g., mobility-as-a-service) at local, regional, national and global levels.
• New approaches and initiatives to regulating digital interfaces and digital transport more generally at local national and supranational levels.

If you are interested to contribute a chapter to our book on Digital Mobility, please submit 300 to 500 word abstract by 31 May,  2023 to

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