CRNI Journal by Sage. Volume 22 Issue 3-4, September-December 2021

The new issue of the “Competition and Regulation in Network Industries” (CRNI) by Sage is now available!

You will find the following articles in this special issue:

  • Evaluating the efficiency of Mediterranean container ports using data envelopment analysis, Gianfranco Fancello, Patrizia Serra, Valentina Aramu and Daniel Mark Vitiello
  • A multi-sided market of personal data resource allocation: An empirical study of China’s car-hailing platform, Lei Huang, Miltos Ladikas, Guangxi He, Julia Hahn and Jens Schippl
  • Prioritizing the influencing factors of utaut-2 model toward mobile network service providers, Ishani Patharia, Anjana Pandey and Sanjay Gupta

Read the full issue here.

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Retail competition and electromobility

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UIC study on the regulatory framework

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The necessary evolution of electricity contracting in railways

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