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CRNI Journal by Sage.Volume 19 Issue 3-4, September–December 2018

The new issue of the “Competition and Regulation in Network Industries” (CRNI) by Sage is now available!

Featured paper

Exploring the regulatory challenges of a possible rollout of smart water meters in the Netherlands by Brenda Espinosa Aspaez and Saskia Lavrijssen

The full paper is included in the issue. Read here the abstract:

Big data have become a driver of innovation in multiple sectors, including the management of infrastructures employed for the provision of essential goods and services, such as drinking water. As technology enables new possibilities of action for infrastructure managers, it could be questioned whether the regulations in place still deal adequately with such possibilities or if certain adjustments are necessary, especially considering that infrastructure managers usually operate in highly regulated environments. This study explores the regulatory challenges of introducing smart water meters (SWM) in the Netherlands. In particular, it discusses whether the introduction of SWM will require adjusting the regulations of the sector, to deal with the new possibilities of action enabled by this technology.