Completing the European Power Market: a Central East European Perspective

The Florence School of Regulation is joining ENTSO-E in the organisation of the Central East European Regional Conference, taking place in Bratislava on 23rd September 2016, under the auspices of the Slovak Presidency of the EU Council and of the Ministry of the Economy of the Slovak Republic.

The second ENTSO-E regional conference will engage relevant stakeholders from the policy, industrial and academic sectors to discuss the main challenges of Central East Europe (CEE)’s electricity field and to explore the opportunities of enhancing cooperation at the regional and European level.

The Conference will assess the current level of power market integration in the CEE region, 27 years after the East-West divide. It will also investigate which regional infrastructures are needed and how to attract sufficient investments for their realisation. A crucial focus will also be dedicated to sustainability’s and security of supply’s reinforcement, as well as to the digital evolution of the power sector and its consequential role in TSOs-DSOs relations.

On Thursday 22nd September, in the Conference’s framework, the FSR will also deliver an ‘Executive Training on Electricity Market Design’, restricted to TSOs’ senior staff, regulators and senior Ministry officials. The training will provide insights into the current state of play of the power markets, including their development, challenges and integration; as well as analysing topical market design issues, such as flow based market coupling, loop flows, bidding zone configurations, and regulatory frameworks to settle re-dispatching costs.

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