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Antwerp Rail School 2017 – From basic rail knowledge to rail insiders’ strategies

FSR-Transport Director, Prof Matthias Finger, is teaching this week at the fifth edition of the “Antwerp Rail School: from basic rail knowledge to rail insiders’ strategy”.

The School  

The Antwerp Rail School is:

  • A week-long series of presentations, debates and practical workshops focused on key challenges for Europe’s rail industry;
  • A chance to look at academic theory combined with operational and strategic decision making;
  • An innovative forum for railway professionals and students to broaden their industry expertise including field visits and informal activities.

The lecture of Prof Finger will cover the main aspects of railway policy and regulation. In particular, he will look at the topic in the context of railway digitalization and the increased use of ‘big data’ in the mobility sector. 


The Antwerp Rail School is part of the initiatives of TransportNET, a network of leading university groups involved in outstanding transport research and high-level education. TransportNET was born in March 2003 and is composed of members from several European countries. In particular, professors and researchers belong to schools of economics and engineering, and their activities cover all modes and geographical ranges of transport. The network’s purpose is to reinforce and stimulate the quality of the research activities carried out by its members. Moreover, it aims to integrate some of those activities in research programmes of higher complexity at the network level.

To learn more about TransportNET and the Antwerp Rail School, please visit the dedicated website.