3rd Annual Lights on Women Scholarship  

The FSR is proud to launch the 3rd Annual Lights on Women Scholarship, supporting eight women around the globe in their quest to boost their technical knowledge and careers. 

Each year, the Florence School of Regulation supports women working in energy in gaining the technical training needed to advance their careers with its Annual Lights on Women Scholarship.  

The 3rd Lights on Women Scholarship will double its commitment, providing eight scholarships to women contributing to innovative solutions, research, and initiatives that accelerate a sustainable, diverse, resilient, and just energy transition.  


Why should you apply? 

The Scholarship provides free access to one of the FSR community courses starting in Autumn 2021. Our Training Portfolio offers courses on a wide variety of energy regulation and policy topics which will provide you with the technical knowledge needed to take advantage of employment and leadership opportunities, as well as: 

Flexibility: Our courses are designed to provide the maximum of flexibility, you will be able to follow the lessons at your own pace so to balance learning with your professional and personal commitments.  

Networking: Collaborate and network with professionals and a world-renowned faculty while deepening your knowledge and skills. 

Enhanced Learning: FSR courses adopt interactive tools, group projects, and live classes to enhance the learning experience.  

Visibility opportunities: Each recipient can publish an article on the FSR Knowledge hub as a Lights on Women contributing to increase the visibility of their expertise. 

What courses are covered? 

Successful candidates will be informed by the end of August 2021 and will be provided with all relevant information on how to enroll in one of our community courses, which offer flexible learning paths, participant-led sessions and are designed to deep dive into the topic while interacting with your instructors and peers. Choose from one of the following courses: 

The EU Green Deal | 8-Week Online Course | Learn More 

Regulation of the Power Sector  | 14-Week Online Course | Learn More 

Regulation for SDG 7 | 18-Week Online Course | Learn More 

EU Gas ‎Network Codes | 5-Week Online Course | Learn More 

Evolution of Electricity Markets in Europe | 9-Week Online Course | Learn More 

Regulatory Delivery | 7-Week Online Course | Learn More 

Electric Vehicles: A Power Sector Perspective | 5-Week Online Course | Learn More 

Learn more about FSR Community Courses

The courses offered by this scholarship are fully online and are only offered in English.  

Who is eligible 

The FSR’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to our mission and to our impact. We know that having varied perspectives helps generate innovative ideas to solve the complex energy problems in our changing—and increasingly complex—world. For this reason, no specific academic or professional background is required.  

Instead, successful candidates will be asked to clearly express their motivations for applying for the scholarship, demonstrating how it will help them advance their goals, and illustrate their desire to invest in learning, networking, and joining a global energy community. 

How to apply 


The application and supporting documents must be submitted in English and as PDF documents. Please have all documents and answers ready before starting the application form: 

  1. Your CV;
  1. A motivation letter (800 words maximum). Make sure to provide a meaningful and well-thought-out motivation that tell us a bit more about you, your work, and what drives you.
      • A summary of your experience, highlighting your expertise and how your work or research addresses an energy/climate/sustainability need or challenge. Can you give an example of leadership that demonstrates your potential for future excellence in the energy/climate/sustainability sphere?
      • A thoughtfully expressed motivation for applying and how the scholarship would help boost your studies or career ambitions.
      • Your future ambitions and how the course you selected will help you achieve your goals.  

Apply here by 19 July, 2021


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