2021 IAEE conference will bring together leading energy experts in a digital space

The Florence School of Regulation - Energy partners up with IAEE to turn yearly conference fully digital

The IAEE International Conference is the yearly forum where energy economists, policymakers and business leaders from around the world meet in real-time for 3 consecutive days. In this context, the conference aims to bridge the latest scientific advances in energy economics and their relevance to practical experiences in the energy sector and focuses on three main themes: Energy, Covid19 and Climate Change.

This year would mark the 43rd edition of the IAEE international conference. However, this edition will be the first of its kind with all the sessions being moved online. The online events will take place between 7 – 9 June 2021 and can be accessed digitally upon registration here.

The 2021 edition of the conference will tackle topics that range from the social dimension of energy issues to planning and financing for climate change mitigation. The programme counts 16 sessions (including plenaries and parallels) including the following: Sustainable Development Goals, Energy Poverty, Low Carbon Transitions, Electric Vehicles, Green Innovation, Sustainability, Finance and Climate Change.

This year’s conference is exceptional in many ways:

  1. It will bring together participants from all over the world to exchange views on current hot topics and trends in the energy sector;
  2. It will feature mid-day keynote addresses to bring together a global audience in a common time zone;
  3. It will address the ideal climate and energy policy regime that should simultaneously respond to potentially conflicting objectives, especially in the era of COVID: ensuring energy security, promoting universal access to affordable energy services, and fostering greener and more sustainable energy systems while taking into account geopolitical and economic dimensions;
  4. As a media partner, the Florence School of Regulation has unleashed its resources and know-how to bring you the best digital experience.


2021 IAEE conference in figures

The online conference will feature 400 speakers including VIP speakers and will host a total of 180 parallel sessions and numerous poster sessions.

The digital edition reaches out to a wider global audience, regardless of time zone, and provides a unique online platform for academics, policymakers, and business leaders from around the world to present and discuss the latest economic research on pressing energy issues in an open, non-partisan setting.

Registration and programme

The full programme of the conference is available here.

To register for conference attendance, please first create an account here.

Registration and conference fees can be found here.

Hashtag of the conference: #IAEE2021ONLINE

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