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Tim Schittekatte

Research Associate

Tim graduated as an engineer from Ghent University, Belgium and completed the EMIN program, an international master in energy economics. After, he was a visiting researcher at the Grid Integration Group of the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and a junior economist at Microeconomix in Paris. Since May 2016 he is at FSR. 

He is part of the FSR research team in electricity regulation, his main research interests are distribution network tariff design and EU electricity network codes.  Currently, he is also working on his PhD in energy economics at University Paris-Sud XI and affiliated with the Vlerick Energy Center in Brussels.

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Schittekatte, T., Momber, I., and Meeus, L. (2018) Future-proof tariff design: recovering sunk grid costs in a world where consumers are pushing back. Energy Economics. 70. 484–498. doi:10.1016/j.eneco.2018.01.028

Schittekatte, T., Stadler, M., Cardoso, G., Mashayekh, S., & Sankar, N. (2016). The impact of short-term stochastic variability in solar irradiance on optimal microgrid design. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid. Volume: PP, Issue: 99

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Assistant for the online course on EU Electricity Network Codes