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Findings of FSR research enter the EU Parliamentary debate

A group of MEPs from multiple parties, have cited the findings of a Research Report from the Florence School of Regulation as part of a formal recommendation to the European Commission. The study ‘For a harmonisation of Hydropower Regimes in European Single Market’ was written by Jean-Michel Glachant, Vincent Rious, Marcelo Saguan and Sebastien Douguet and shows how no harmonisation currently exists in Europe concerning procedural rules for granting and renewing licenses for hydropower operators.

The authors argue that, for fairer competition within the Single EU energy market, the European Commission should abandon the “silo thinking” when taking initiative in the hydropower sector – and adopt a harmonised and holistic approach to the current and future regulation.

The recommendation was written by five MEPs; Toia Patrizia (S&D), Denanot Jean – Paul (S&D), Tajani Antonio (EPP), Grossetête Françoise (EPP) and Rivasi Michèle (Greens/EFA) with the aim of creating a “real union of energy”.

Read the FSR’s briefing ‘For a harmonisation of Hydropower Regimes in European Single Market’ and find more information about hydropower by reading our ‘Topic of the Month” blog by Vincent Rious.