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The European Commission and the European Development Finance Institutions have launched the Electrification Financing Initiative: ElectriFI

The Electrification Financing Initiative (ElectriFI) is an EU initiative that will support electrification investments that will lead to new and improved connections, with strong features for scalability. ElectriFI will be flexible in allowing the support of different business models, utilities and mini-grids. 

The specific objectives of the initiative are to: 

  1. achieve intensive mobilisation of the private sector
  2. in the business of increasing or improving access to modern, affordable and sustainable energy services
  3. for populations living principally in rural, underserved areas as well as areas affected by unreliable power supply
  4. encourage more actions in the field of renewable energy in general with emphasis on decentralised sustainable energy solutions and
  5. with potential to attract additional financing to ElectriFI clients.


Visit ElectriFI website for more information