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    EU Clean Energy Package

    New online course! 23 January – 1 March 2018

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Electricity Policy & Regulation

Electricity has acquired a more prominent role in the energy sector of European countries due to its versatility, environmental cleanliness (at the point of consumption) and main role in the digital society. Electricity is also at the forefront of the fight against climate change because of the availability of several and improving technologies for its generation out of renewable energy sources.

The Electricity Area at the Florence School of Regulation is a platform where academics, national regulators, representatives from European institutions, network companies and market players debate and exchange their views and practices about the most recent developments in the industry, its regulation and the broader European energy policy.

To be always at the frontier of knowledge and public debate, the Electricity Area develops applied research, innovative training and fosters policy dialogue on the most topical policy and regulatory issues in the electricity sector of Europe and beyond.

Contact person: Nicolò Rossetto


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Tim Schittekatte

Topic of the Month


Assessing distribution network tariff design in a changing context

Written by Tim Schittekatte In this topic of the month, I argue that the ideal distribution network tariff does not exist. The most robust choice for […] read more


Alberto's Workshop

Event Highlights


Demand Participation and Demand Response in Electricity Markets: which way forward?

The ongoing energy transition, with the resulting penetration of renewable energy sources, requires a higher level of flexibility in the electricity markets. Demand, through a […] read more


Topic of the Month


The case for locational pricing

Day-ahead markets in the EU include only a coarse, zonal representation of physical transmission constraints. Sometimes this arrangement is justified on the basis that, for […] read more


Topic of the Month


Why doesn’t the EU co-optimize the procurement of ancillary services with energy?

Written by Ross Baldick The US and the EU have different approaches to the procurement of ancillary services (AS), in particular frequency regulation and contingency […] read more


Toulouse School of Economics


Negative prices for electricity

Written by S. Ambec and C. Crampes (Toulouse School of Economics) When we witness producers paying consumers to offload their power, we can but wonder […] read more


Topic of the Month


Stitching seams with different threads: the EU experience

Written by Ross Baldick Due to the lack of large scale real-time markets, the evolution of the electricity industry in the EU is currently much […] read more

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