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Electricity network regulation in the EU : the challenges ahead‎ for transmission and distribution

2018 BOOK | Electricity

Author(s): GLACHANT Jean-Michel, MEEUS Leonardo


The UK model of incentive regulation of power grids was at one time the most advanced, and elements of it were adopted throughout the EU. […]

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Least-cost distribution network tariff design in theory and practice

2018 Working paper | Energy

Author(s): MEEUS Leonardo, SCHITTEKATTE Tim


In this paper a game-theoretical model with self-interest pursuing consumers is introduced to assess how to design a least-cost distribution tariff under two constraints that […]

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Decarbonising the Gas Sector: is Renewable Gas a Serious Option?

2018 Policy Brief | Gas

Author(s): OLCZAK Maria, PIEBALGS Andris


Today, natural gas provides one quarter of the EU’s energy supply. The EU has a well-developed gas network and skilled people to operate and trade […]

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Water Governance in Spain: The Role of Federalism and Private-Public Partnerships

2018 Working paper | Water

Author(s): GARCÍA-VALIÑAS, María A.


by GARCÍA-VALIÑAS, María A. This research provides a broad picture of water sector governance in Spain, a country dealing with serious water stress and quality […]

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Enlarging incentive regulation to improve public awareness and trust in electricity transmission infrastructure development

2018 Report | Electricity

Author(s): BHAGWAT Pradyumna, KEYAERTS Nico, MEEUS Leonardo


The need for substantial investment in the European electricity transmission grid to meet the ambitions of market integration and decarbonisation is well known. However, the […]

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Measuring the intangible: an overview of the methodologies for calculating customer baseline load in PJM

2018 Policy Brief | Electricity

Author(s): ROSSETTO Nicolò


The introduction of explicit demand response (DR) in the electricity markets for energy, capacity and ancillary services requires a definition of the customer baseline load […]

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 Nicolo Rossetto

The British reference model

2018 BOOK chapter | Electricity

Author(s): RIOUS Vincent, ROSSETTO Nicolò

Editor(s): GLACHANT Jean-Michel, MEEUS Leonardo


Electricity network regulation in the EU : the challenges ahead‎ for transmission and distribution, Cheltenham : Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018, Loyola de Palacio Series on […]

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Future-proof tariff design : recovering sunk grid costs in a world where consumers are pushing back

2017 Working paper | Energy

Author(s): MEEUS Leonardo, MOMBER Ilan, SCHITTEKATTE Tim


Traditional analysis of distribution grid user’s reaction to tariffs assumes a low price sensitivity and a lack of alternative technologies to grid connection. This is […]

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 Regulatory Challenges for Smart Cities

Network Industries Quarterly, Vol. 19 No 3 – Regulatory Challenges for Smart Cities

2017 Journal | Transport

Editor(s): FINGER Matthias, BERT Nadia, BOUCHARD Kathryn


This issue of the Network Industries Quarterly looks into the regulatory challenges facing the development of smart cities. With the acceleration of technological developments in […]

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Summary of the 6th Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures

2017 Workshop Paper | Transport

Editor(s): BERT Nadia, BOUCHARD Kathryn, KUPFER David


Selected academics and practitioners have gathered in Florence on June 16th 2017 to discuss the latest developments in the regulation of different network industries, namely […]

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