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On 11 December 2018 in Milan…


Maria Olczak and Tim Schittekatte from FSR participated to the 3rd AIEE Energy Symposium hosted at Bocconi University.

Maria Olczak, FSR Research Associate, gave two presentations based on Policy Briefs written jointly with Andris Piebalgs, part-time Professor at FSR. The first presentation entitled “Decarbonising the Gas Sector: is Renewable Gas a Serious Option?” focused on the policy and cross-border trade issues preventing the further increase in the renewable gas production in the EU.

The second presentation, “Sector Coupling: the New EU Climate and Energy Paradigm?”, analysed the taxonomy of the concept of sector coupling and proposed the ways to translate it into concrete EU policies and regulations.

Find the presentations online:

Tim Schittekatte, FSR Researcher, presented his ongoing work on distribution network tariff design. The research question Tim tries to answer is how to design a distribution network tariff able to balance cost-efficiency with equity in a new reality with active consumers installing distributed energy resources behind their meters.

Find here the presentation

Meanwhile in Rome…

Nicolò Rossetto (FSR) was invited by Italia Solare, the Italian association representing the solar community, to contribute to the Italia Solare Forum 2018 in Rome.

The FSR Researcher delivered a keynote speech at the beginning of the session devoted to Digital Energy. In front of more than 200 people from the photovoltaic industry, he presented the ideas developed earlier this year by professor Jean-Michel Glachant on the meaning and implications of digitalisation for the electricity sector.

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