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Debating Energy Security in Europe

To what extent is the term ‘energy dependency’ correct? What are the EU’s primary energy markets, in terms of imports and exports? How much influence can the EU exercise over the Member States in energy policy?

Ilaria Conti, FSR Energy Policy Deputy, is joining the seminar: Energy Security’ at the European External Action Service in Brussels on Friday 2 December 2016.

The event is exploring several inter-related questions on the nature of EU’s external energy relations, investigating the different meanings of ‘energy security’ and defining to what degree competition for scarce resources will be crucial in the future.

Ilaria’ s contribution titled: ‘Reducing dependency, an internal energy market, energy diversification, lessening demand on external supplies: all pipe dreams?’ will firstly focus on the definition of security of supply (internal and external), and latterly investigate the developments of the European regulation aimed to increase gas SoS – analyzing both the current debate and the challenges ahead – and  identifying the relevant policy lacks in energy security.