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Communications & Media


FSR C&M Annual Training: Applications for Block 4 currently open!

The FSR C&M is pleased to inform you that the Annual Training on Business Models, Innovation and Regulation of the Digital World 2016/2017 is now open also for single […] read more

Communications & Media

Immagine postal book 2



The Changing Postal and Delivery Sector

The FSR C&M is pleased to inform you that the book, “The Changing Postal and Delivery Sector”, arising from the 24th Conference on Postal and Delivery […] read more

Communications & Media

Pier Luigi Parcu


Professor Parcu intervening at the European University of Rome

On 21 September Professor Parcu intervenes in a round-table, organised by the European University of Rome, focusing on “The protection of the algorithm between innovation and competition”. More information […] read more

Communications & Media

Michael A. Crew


The FSR C&M is deeply saddened by the loss of Professor Michael A. Crew

The FSR C&M organised the 24th Conference on Postal and Delivery Economics thanks to the strong and precious collaboration of Professor Crew. It is our intention […] read more

Communications & Media

Pier Luigi Parcu


Professor Parcu giving a lecture in Turin

On 5th September, Professor Pier Luigi Parcu has intervened at the 19th Edition of the International Summer School of Regulation of Local Public Services organised by the Turin […] read more

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The Routledge Companion to Network Industries: what are the next challenges for research?

There is an urgent need for research in network industries to go beyond the traditional sectoral approach: "The Routledge Companion to Network Industries" was a first systematic attempt to go in this direction. read more

Communications & Media

The Future of Broadband Policy


Lunch Debate in Brussels: “The Future of Broadband Policy: Public Targets and Private Investment”

The 1st of March, the FSR C&M will organise a lunch debate in Brussels, at the European Parliament premises, to present its Policy Report “The […] read more

Communications & Media

DTT Auctions Greece


A Preparatory Study on DTT Auctions in Greece

The FSR Communications & Media has recently conducted a preparatory study on DTT auctions in Greece. The academic analysis refers to the international framework and to other experiences on […] read more

Communications & Media

New book on Network Industries


New Book on Network Industries

The FSR Communications and Media is pleased to inform you that the new “The Routledge Companions to Network Industries” has been published, to which the […] read more

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