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EIP Water

The WaterReg project at FSR Water has been selected as one of the Action Groups working at the core of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Water .

The EIP Water is an initiative within the  EU 2020 Innovation Union  which facilitates the development of innovative solutions to address major European and global water challenges. At the same time, the EIP Water supports the creation of market opportunities for these innovations, both inside and outside of Europe.

The EIP Water aims to remove barriers by advancing and leveraging existing solutions. Its implementation has started in May 2013 with the main objective to initiate and promote collaborative processes for change and innovation in the water sector across the public and private sector, non-governmental organisations and the general public. This is mainly done via the establishment of Action and other Working Groups, including WaterReg.

The WaterReg   project shares the EIP Water objective to deliver concrete results and real impact, by jointly developing water innovations that will be applied by identified users, seize market opportunities, create jobs, help shape European innovation policy and support the implementation of European water policy.

On 5-6 November 2014 the second EIP Water conference was held in Barcelona, Spain. FSR Water attended to present the its activities. Download all presentations here.


Innovative concepts

The  WaterReg Action Group at FSR Water will focus on:

  • Innovative approach and methodologies to price setting in the water sector, development of hybrid models mixing price-cap and cost-plus methods in order to promote incentive for investments,
  • Recommendations and innovative proposals to design operational optimal scale for water services taking stock of current situations in partner countries (France, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Portugal),
  • Critical mapping and scoping of regulatory functions and powers at national level to set the scene of water regulation in Europe and enable meaningful comparison between countries.


Knowledge providers :

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