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Economics Of Energy & Environmental Policy | Volume 1 Number 1

Editor(s): GLACHANT Jean-Michel, JOSKOW Paul, POLLITT Michael

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Jean-Michel Glachant (FSR Director) is editor-in-chief of the Economics Of Energy & Environmental Policy, Paul L. Joskow (MIT and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, USA) and Michael Pollitt (Cambridge University, United Kingdom) are editors and Sophia Ruester (FSR Research Fellow) is Managing Editor.

Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy (EEEP), established as a publication of the International Association for Energy Economics in 2012, is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary, policy-oriented Journal. It provides a scholarly and research-based, yet easily read and accessible source of information on contemporary economic thinking and analysis of policy issues in the interface between energy and environmental economics. Published twice a year, the Journal wants to nurture a dialogue between academics, business and public authorities.

Volume 1 Number 1 includes:

Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy: Vision, Purpose and Goals; Jean-Michel Glachant, Paul Joskow, and Michael Pollitt
Will China Lead the World into a Clean-energy Future?; Fatih Birol and Pawel Olerjarnik
Is Conflating Climate with Energy Policy a Good Idea?; Denny Ellerman
The Oil Market to 2030--Implications for Investment and Policy; Mark Finley
The Influence of Shale Gas on U.S. Energy and Environmental Policy; Henry D. Jacoby, Francis M. O'Sullivan, and Sergey Paltsev
Regulation and Customer Engagement; Stephen Littlechild
Reforming Competitive Electricity Markets to Meet Environmental Targets; David M. Newbery
The Long Run Demand for Lighting: Elasticities and Rebound Effects in Different Phases of Economic Development; Roger Fouquet and Peter J.G. Pearson
The New Energy-industrial Revolution and International Agreement on Climate Change; Nicholas Stern and James Rydge
Some Political Economy of Global Warming; Jean Tirole