The journey to net zero : 12 perspectives from the frontline of the energy transition in Europe
23 July 2021
This e-book shares 12 fresh perspectives, based on interviews recorded between 2019 and 2021 for the FSR’s Net Zero Podcast, from key actors on the ground who are undertaking the transition in the first person, but with very different viewpoints. After a word from Ditte Juul Jørgensen, Director General for Energy of the European Commission touching on the European Green Deal and Fit for 55 package, we start or journey with the destination in mind– where are we going? What will the world look like when we have reached net zero? Albert Cheung from BNEF discusses the possibilities and requirements of a fully decarbonised power sector. Tara Connolly, formerly of Greenpeace, tells us about the complex implications of the energy transition for the environment and Andris Piebalgs, former European Commissioner for Energy, shares his views on the new geopolitics of renewables. We then investigate who will get us there by gathering diverse perspectives from four types of key actors: power companies (António Mexia, former CEO of EDP); consumers (Monika de Volder, from BEUC – the European Consumer Organisation); start-ups (Elena Bou, from InnoEnergy); and policymakers (Kadri Simson, European Commissioner for Energy). Finally, we ask how we will get there and bring you the latest on what we see as the main levers in the energy transition: the role of digital transformation, as seen by Chris Peeters, CEO of Elia; the impact of adequate CO2 pricing, according to Auke Lont, former CEO of Stattnet and member of the Energy Transitions Commission; the long-term role of green hydrogen, in the perspective of Michele Azalbert, CEO of the Hydrogen Business Unit at Engie; the short-term importance of carbon capture, according to Mechthild Wörsdörfer, Director for Sustainability, Technology and Outlooks at the International Energy Agency; and the unavoidable need for a new finance paradigm, with Zoë Knight, Managing Director and Group Head of the HSBC Centre of Sustainable Finance.
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Technical Report
This report was prepared to inform the Carbon Market Policy Dialogue (CMPD) between the European Commission, as the regulator of the EU Emissions Trading System, and the regulatory authorities for [...]
In the 2020 EU ‘Hydrogen Strategy’ the European Commission formally identified renewable hydrogen as a key tool to decarbonise the European energy system and other hard to abate sectors. Since [...]
The price of gas in Europe has increased manifold over the last year. Beyond several measures adopted at Member State level to cushion the impact of high energy prices on [...]
Working Paper
Low-carbon hydrogen is expected to play a key role in the European energy transition. The production of hydrogen using electricity in an electrolysis process is a promising route. However, depending [...]
Contribution to book
Energy communities are gaining increasing relevance in the transition toward more decentralized, decarbonized and digitalized energy systems. They represent a heterogeneous phenomenon, a characteristic that explains the difficulty in providing [...]
Starting from 2018 ‘Year of Multimodality’, the European Commission has put together a number of legislative and policy initiatives relating to better infrastructure, connections, incentives and digital solutions, with a [...]

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