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The Editorial: Regulation and competition in communications markets
04 September 2012
Telecommunications Policy, 2012, 36, 5, 357-359
The special issue of Telecommunications Policy contains a series of papers presented at the first Scientific Seminar of the Communications and Media area of the Florence School of Regulation. All deal with hotly debated topics in evolving communications markets. Three main issues are considered: firstly, the regulation of mobile call termination and its effects on pricing strategies and competition; secondly, the development of broadband and ultra-broadband networks and the supply-side and demand-side policies intended to spur companies’ investment into an infrastructure that is expected to be fundamental for future communications markets and the growth of the whole economy; thirdly, in relation to media markets, this issue presents papers analysing how advertisement on different media such as commercial TV paid or free newspapers, blogs, radio, might be used to affect competition among firms in their respective product markets.
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Working Paper
On 24 and 25 June 2021, the EUI held, both in Florence and online, the Summer Conference Effective remedies vis-vis digital platforms: competition policy and sector regulation at a crossroad. [...]
Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, aviation was one of the fastest-growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions, directly accounting for about 3% of the EU’s total emissions and more than 2% [...]
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Energy communities dealing with renewable sources currently play a limited role in the European energy system. However, there is an increasing acknowledgement that they will represent an essential tool to [...]
On 1st October, 2021, the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS) hosted a conference: “Digital Markets Act in the making: Challenges and potential of the new EU regulation on [...]
Working Paper
Energy system models are needed to help policy makers design renewable energy policies that combine support for renewable electricity with support for renewable gas. In this paper, we advance a [...]

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