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Transport | Water & Waste | Technical Report
18 March 2020
This issue of Network Industries Quarterly is devoted to water utilities, their governance and their performance. With growing urbanization, pollution and water stress, utilities are ever more challenged to provide [...]
Matthias Finger(Editor), Irina Lapenkova(Editor)
Water & Waste | Water & Waste | Technical Report
08 May 2015
Public procurement, the generic term used to refer to procurement contracts (traditional procurement), public service delegations (including concessions) and public private partnerships, currently represents today significant amounts of money as [...]
Stéphane Saussier, TIROLE Jean
Energy | Comms & Media | Transport | Water & Waste | Technical Report
13 January 2015
This Manifesto is the first systematic attempt of the Florence School of Regulation (FSR) to critically reflect upon the achievements of the 2nd Barroso Commission in the various network industries. [...]

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