Stefano Verde

Research Fellow - FSR Climate Deputy Director

Stefano F. Verde is Deputy Director of the Florence School of Regulation – Climate, which he joined in April 2012. He holds a BA in Economics (2006) from the University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’, an MSc in Economics (2007) from Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), and a PhD in Economics (2013) also from Trinity College Dublin. 

Verde is specialised in climate change policy, notably in carbon pricing instruments (emissions trading and carbon taxation), their equity and efficiency implications both at the domestic and international level. More broadly, his research lies at the intersection of public, environmental and energy economics. 

He has participated in several competitive research projects, with (co-)leading roles in LIFE DICET (Deepening International Cooperation on Emissions Trading)LIFE SIDE (Supporting the Implementation and Development of the EU ETS), and FRESCO – the future of renewable energy communities.   

Stefano F. Verde’s publication record can be found here.

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New paper by Stefano Verde published in the Journal of Economic Inequality
New paper by Stefano Verde published in the Journal of Economic Inequality

A paper with the title “The signaling effect of gasoline taxes and its distributional implications, by Stefano Verde (FSR Climate) and Silvia Tiezzi  has been…

Stefano Verde presenting at FEEM
Stefano Verde presenting at FEEM

On Thursday, 21 September 2017, Stefano Verde, Research Fellow at FSR Climate, was invited to give a research seminar at…

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