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Kenneth Button

Scientific Adviser in the Transport Area

Kenneth Button is a University Professor at George Mason University.  He has held visiting posts the Universities of Porto, Ihna, California at Berkeley, British Columbia, and Bologna.

He has published, or has in press, over 100 academic books, over 400 papers in academic journals and edited volumes, and forecasting software. He has given written and oral evidence to the US Congressional Transportation Committee and to both the UK House of Lords and UK House of Commons Transport Committees on transportation issues. He edited Transportation Research D: Transport and the Environment andJournal of Air Transport Management. He served on the scientific committees of the World Conference on Transport Research and of the Air Transportation Research Society. He has completed consultancy projects for the World Bank, the OECD, and the UN, for APEC and the EU, for national governments and their agencies and local governments as well as public and private companies.  

He is advising FSR-Transport, in particular on air transportation and aviation.