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Gas | Other
29 April 2022
About 1,100 TWh of natural gas can be stored in 115 storage facilities in 19 countries in the EU27 area, accounting for 25-30% of European consumption in winter periods. Securing [...]
TESIO Enrico, Ilaria Conti, VOLPATO Francesco
Gas | Other
29 April 2022
The outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war has revived discussions on the EU’s dependence on fossil fuel imports from Russia. To ensure gas diversification, the EU Commission has suggested over a [...]
Electricity | Policy Brief
25 March 2022
The recent surge in energy prices has prompted many governments to introduce emergency measures to reduce the impact on consumers’ electricity and gas bills. In its REPowerEU Communication of 8 [...]
Climate | Policy Brief
25 March 2022
Different measures for carbon leakage prevention across Emissions Trading Systems (ETSs) may distort economic competition between firms. The same is true of competition between jurisdictions if decisions on the location [...]
Working Paper
03 March 2022
The global litigation of standard essential patents (SEP) is taking a new turn with the jurisdictional battle between national courts. Some courts have started issuing anti-suit injunctions (ASI) to prohibit [...]
Climate | Article
02 March 2022
European economic review, 2022, Vol. 143, SI, (Art. 104023) OnlineFirst
This paper investigates the possible dynamics that may emerge in an economy in which agents adapt to environmental degradation by increasing the produced output to repair the damages of environmental [...]
ANTOCI Angelo, Simone Borghesi, GALEOTTI Marcello, RUSSU Paolo
Energy | Technical Report
25 February 2022
This Report discusses how electricity balancing may best be organised in a future with greater penetration of distributed energy resources (DERs). Increased DER penetration can pose challenges to electricity balancing, [...]
Climate | Policy Brief
16 February 2022
There is a very large cost-effectiveness potential for the implementation of offsets under Emissions Trading Schemes (ETSs). The scientific literature highlights that heterogeneity in offset provisions between prospective partners in [...]
Transport | Policy Brief
11 February 2022
The shift to rail is one of the main pillars of the EU strategy to reach its ambitious European Green Deal objectives in transport and has thus ranked highly on [...]
Teodora Serafimova, Matthias Finger, MONTERO-PASCUAL Juan J.
Working Paper
10 February 2022
This paper explores the price setting of demand-side flexibility, modelled as consumers’ voluntary load reduction, in distribution grids. It develops a long-term equilibrium optimization model with a bi-level setting for [...]
Athir Nouicer, Leonardo Meeus, DELARUE Erik
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