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Energy | Technical Report
19 July 2022
Traditional approaches to electricity market design need adaptation to factor in the growing share of renewables in the energy mix. Energy transition in different parts of the world is taking [...]
Swetha RaviKumar Bhagwat, TUNGA Ashwitha Ramesh, SINHA Sarvajeet
Energy | Working Paper
18 July 2022
In this paper, we investigate two main schemes for contracting demand-side flexibility by the Distribution System Operator (DSO) at the planning stage: a voluntary demand-side connection agreement where consumers offer [...]
Athir Nouicer, Leonardo Meeus, DELARUE Erik
Energy | Working Paper
18 July 2022
This article will explain the characteristics of the financial side of energy markets. It aims to clarify why financial contracts are needed in the energy sector and how such transactions [...]
HIEMSTRA Liebrich M.
Energy | Policy Brief
12 July 2022
The Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 compounded an already difficult policy landscape characterised by rising energy prices, international supply chains’ disruptions, growing greenhouse gas emissions and exacerbating geopolitical [...]
TUBIANA Laurence, Jean-Michel Glachant, BECK Thorsten Harald Leopold, Ronnie Belmans, COLOMBIER Michel, Leigh Hancher, Andris Piebalgs, Nicolò Rossetto, RÜDINGER Andreas, RUNGE-METZGER Artur
08 July 2022
For more than a decade, hundreds of experts have gathered at the hills overlooking Florence to analyse the evolution of European transport policy and regulation at the call of the [...]
Matthias Finger(Editor), MONTERO-PASCUAL Juan J.(Editor), Teodora Serafimova(Editor)
Working Paper
07 July 2022
On 14th February 2022, the European Commission published a ‘Call for evidence for an impact assessment’ (Call for Evidence) and Public Consultation related to a new framework for standard essential [...]
Climate | Article
26 May 2022
Energy policy, 2022, Vol. 166 (113004)
To fulfill the Paris Agreement commitments and stimulated by an unprecedented amount of public resources put in place to recover from the COVID-induced recession, European governments have recently announced sizable [...]
Simone Borghesi, CASTELLINI Marta, COMINCIOLI Nicola, DONADELLI Michael, GUFLER Ivan, VERGALLI Sergio
FSR Global | Technical Report
18 May 2022
India has embarked on an ambitious sustainable development pathway by applying a multipronged approach spanning several sectors from developing smart cities to enabling electric vehicles. In the power sector, it [...]
CHAVES-ÁVILA José Pablo, Pradyumna Bhagwat, Rafael Cossent, KUNDU Suddhasatta, Swetha RaviKumar Bhagwat, GOMEZ Tomas
Energy | Technical Report
18 May 2022
To increase the share of RES-E, governments have designed and implemented promotional policies which provide direct and indirect financial aid to RES-E adapters and developers. These promotional policies include several [...]
Gas | Other
29 April 2022
About 1,100 TWh of natural gas can be stored in 115 storage facilities in 19 countries in the EU27 area, accounting for 25-30% of European consumption in winter periods. Securing [...]
TESIO Enrico, Ilaria Conti, VOLPATO Francesco
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