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The Transatlantic Relationships in Innovation Policies conference will address, involving experts, industry, and policy actors from both sides of the Atlantic, policy initiatives and industrial developments in both regions, and the scope for cooperation among them in the field of IP and standard-setting. In addition, the impact of such developments on innovation and competition dynamics for the global and regional economies.


The new political climate in the USA, brought by President Joe Biden’s election, was welcomed by the European Institutions as a fresh opportunity to revive transatlantic relationships. A key focus is protecting critical technologies, such as 5G, deepening the cooperation also on the side of Intellectual Property rights and standard-setting.

The recent G7 and NATO summits reinforced the commitments of EU and US leaders to renew the transatlantic partnership, setting a Joint Transatlantic Agenda for the post-pandemic era. The establishment of the EU-US Trade and Technology Council (TTC), aiming to coordinate approaches to global trade, economic, and technology issues, represents one of the most relevant initiatives in this respect.

The development of 5G relies on thousands of patented technologies to work and these communication standards are key for the development of the Internet of Things. Patented technologies that are necessary to practice those standards are typically defined as standard-essential patents (SEPs). The spread of connectivity and interoperability features across all economic sectors will spur 5G and other ICT-related standards licensing demands beyond usual sectors.

In this scenario, the question of where to license SEPs within the supply chain has become a central issue in recent litigations as well as in policy discussions. Similarly, a question of how to solve the issue of pricing innovation for different uses of SEPs in different verticals might become increasingly relevant and complex.



The Conference will take place on two consecutive afternoons, from 3-6 pm CET, in late autumn 2021.

The format will be hybrid, part residential and part online. The physical attendance in the EUI premises will be limited to the team, the invited speakers (travelling being feasible), and the local academic community. The Conference will be freely accessible to interested people via Zoom link. Conference’s rooms at the EUI have been equipped with 360° video cameras that improve users’ experience in virtual meetings.



  • Session 1: Innovation policies in global perspective
  • Session 2: 5G and the next industrial revolution
  • Session 3: Pricing innovation: practices and challenges
  • Session 4: Policy perspectives: Innovation and competition policy


The full event programme will be available in September.

Chiara Carrozza
Badia Fiesolana – Refettorio
Via dei Roccettini 9
San Domenico di Fiesole, FL 50014 Italy

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