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Electronic communication networks and services continue to undergo significant changes and to raise complex challenges for stakeholders and society as a whole. This year’s Annual Conference contributes to the discussions on how to further understand and maximise the potential of the Digital Economy, and focuses on the ‘’reassessment’’ of the EU electronic communications regulation in order to do so. In addition to reflecting on what has already been achieved under the current framework, the Conference looks at Europe and beyond to identify best practices that could help the European Union to become a leader on the global scene.

 The event is divided into three sessions. The first discusses relevant and meaningful experiences from other jurisdictions in the context of broadband diffusion, substitution between fixed and mobile, and data protection regulation. The second session focuses on Europe and the major challenges it needs to address in order to fully embrace and exploit the benefits offered by the establishment of a digital single market. Finally, the third session looks at one of the most complex topics of the ICT scenario, i.e. the development and widespread diffusion of the Internet of Things. The topic is discussed from various perspectives, including the importance of infrastructure developments, the role of standards, the potentialities and critical issues concerning big data as well as the security challenges related to the phenomenon.  

Our Annual Conference brings together different stakeholders representing the European Institutions, national regulators, the Industry and Academia in order to animate the debate and guarantee a rich exchange of ideas. High-level experts from other jurisdictions enlarge the scope of reflection and allow for fruitful comparison of experiences.

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Policy Brief: Rethinking Electronic Communications: Europe and the Others by Anna Renata Pisarkiewicz & Silvia Solidoro



Access Regulation, Challenges and Solutions | Marc Lebourges (PDF)

Europe and Digital Technology | Wassim Chourbaji (PDF)

Europe and the Others | Emanuela Lecchi (PDF)

Europe Looking at the Future | Chris Fonteijn (PDF)

Online Platforms and the DSM | Scott Marcus (PDF)

Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation | Elaine McKinney (PDF)

Reassessing Regulation and the Internet of Things | Gilad Rosner (PDF)

Regulatory Challenges of the Internet of Things | Oli Bird (PDF)

The Others – Broadband in Selected Asia Pacific Countries | Sam Paltridge (PDF)

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