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The FSR Communications and Media is pleased to announce that it will organise, on behalf of the European Commission, DG CNECT, the Seminar on “Electronic Communications Regulation at a cross-road: past experiences and future challenges” which will take place the 15 January 2016 at the European Commission’s premises in Brussels.

The event is part of a series of Seminars that the European Commission sponsors every year to provide a forum for debate among national judges, regulators, the European Institutions and the Academia to exchange experiences and best practices on various aspects of electronic communications and media regulation. 

 This year edition focuses on the evolution of the electronic communications sector and its convergence with other markets. After a brief analysis of the technological and economic perspectives, the phenomenon will be tackled from a legal and regulatory perspective, trying to assess which traditional rules are still needed and operational, and to identify gaps and shortcomings. Moreover, the Seminar will provide an overview of the current interactions between the electronic communications rules and other fields of law (for example competition, privacy, data protection, copyright), which have horizontal scope of application and thus might need to be applied also in telecoms cases. The aim is to identify how these interactions are managed before national courts, and to highlight likely best practices and to signal current pitfalls. Finally, the keynote speech will address the recent developments of the case-law of the European Courts in the field of electronic communications law and, more generally, the Internet.

For the third year in a row, the FSR Comms and Media will cooperate with the DG CNECT in the organisation of the event, which is open to national judges of the EU Member States who have an interest/expertise in the field of EU electronic communications law. National regulators dealing with the same matters are also welcome to attend. 

Download the Programme

Download the Seminar Proceedings – by Maria Luisa Stasi


Download the Presentations:

Bouygues Telecom versus Gov of France – Yves Doutriaux

Digital Single Market: Challenges to Law and Judges – Alexandre DeStreel

Measures to Counter Unreasonable Bundling – Gabriella Vella

Past Experiences and Future Challenges – Martin Cave

Past Experiences and Future Challenges – Meinrad Handstanger

Recent Developments in the EU Case-Law on Electronic Communications – Anthony Michael Collins

The Dilemma Between Harmonisation of EU Regulation and Specific National Circumstances – Heico Kerkmeester

UK Appeals From SMP Decisions – Adam Scott

Rue Wiertz, 60
Brussels, Brussels 1047 Belgium
Elena D’Alessandri
[+39] 055 4685 803


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