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The Conference gathered academics, practitioners, officials from the National Competition Authorities (NCAs), the European Commission, the industry, as well as from law and economic consulting firms, to discuss and exchange views on the controversies that have been generated by the DMA proposal. The diversity of views fostered a lively debate. The Policy Brief summarizes the main points raised during the discussion.



About the Conference

The Digital Markets Act is a European legislative proposal intended to favour higher competition in the European Digital Markets. Composed of two roundtables, the event will gather academics, policy makers and companies to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the Digital Markets Act proposal.

The first roundtable will focus on the institutional setup of the Commission’s proposal and on the reactions spurred by the architecture envisaged by the DMA both at the national (competition vs regulatory authorities) and supranational levels (member states vs EU). The session will focus on the issues related to the enforcement of the DMA, discussing, in this respect, the role of the EU institutions, of the Member States and of the national regulatory and competition authorities.

The second roundtable will focus on the core content of the proposal, i.e. on the set of positive and negative obligations introduced by art. 5 and 6. In particular, the session will discuss the appropriateness and effectiveness of the ‘what’ types of conducts by online platforms currently proposed as subject to ex-ante regulation, and the potential challenges in terms of compliance and procedural fairness, adopting a comparative perspective with different kind of regulatory models adopted in other jurisdictions.



The event will take place in one afternoon, from 2-6 pm CET. Each of the two roundtables will be chaired and introduced by an EUI academic who is contributing to the relevant topic under discussion.

The format will be hybrid; part residential and part online. Physical attendance at the EUI premises will be limited to the team and the invited speakers (travel permitting). The Conference will be accessible via Zoom link to invited people. Conference rooms at the EUI have been equipped with 360° video cameras that improve users’ experience in virtual meetings.

Participation to the event is restricted to invited people.

The event will be held under Chatham House Rules



  • Round table 1 (In Italian): Which institutional setting could be more effective?
  • Round table 2 (In English): How will companies comply with obligations under art 5-6 DMA?


Participation to the event: For information regarding the participation to the event write to niccolo.innocenti@eui.eu

Badia Fiesolana – Refettorio
Via dei Roccettini 9
San Domenico di Fiesole, FL 50014 Italy

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