Florence Patent Licensing Academy

Law, Economics and Practice of Patent Licensing

Patents are considered as a key to innovation and growth. In the pharmaceutical industry, they protect costly and long-term research of new and improved drugs; global ICT standards, such as 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi and HEVC enable interoperability, connectivity and innovation across different economic sectors and are building blocks of the digital economy and the Internet of Things (IoT). Each sector, however, has its specific use of patents and different licensing traditions.

The Patent Licensing Academy offers advanced training on the law, economics and practice of patent licensing, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of:

  •  The law and economics of patents and patent licensing;
  • Patent licensing peculiarities and practices in telecommunications, pharmaceutical, automotive and IoT industries;
  • Practical aspects and challenges related to negotiations and litigation of standard-essential patents (SEP);
  • Up-to-date case law and developments regarding licensing of SEPs in the IoT.

Institutional Partner

The Florence Patent Licensing Academy is organised in partnership with the European Patent Office.


About the organisers:

The Florence Patent Licensing Academy is organised by the Florence Competition Programme and the Florence School of Regulation – Communications and Media of the European University Institute. The programmes have over 10 years of experience in the organisation of residential and online executive courses on competition policy and sectoral regulation. The Florence School of Regulation – Communications and Media is heading the project on Innovation and Intellectual Property in the Digital Age, with research and activities focused on the legal, economic and policy challenges of the 5G and the Internet of Things.

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Course director
Pier Luigi Parcu
  • Dates
    03 Oct 2022 - 06 Oct 2022
  • Level
  • Location
    Villa Schifanoia, Florence
  • Type
    Online & Residential
  • Workload
    30 hours total
  • Register by
    10 Sep 2022

The Academy adopts a ‘hybrid’ format because of possible travel restrictions: participants can either opt for the ‘residential’ track (attending the Academy in person, at the EUI campus in Florence) or ‘online’ track (attending the Academy via Zoom).

Both tracks provide participants with access to the e-learning materials including the lectures’ recordings.


The Academy follows an inter-disciplinary approach with well-known academics and practitioners as instructors, both lawyers and economists. It consists of lectures, group exercises and reading materials. Participants will also have the opportunity to attend the related Florence Seminar on ‘Standard-Essential Patents’, taking place at the European University Institute‘s campus on 6th -7th October 2022.

In addition to the advanced learning experience, the Academy stimulates networking among the participants and the instructors both in class and during social activities in Florence.

The residential activities take place at Villa Schifanoia, part of the EUI campus: a beautiful 14th-century manor placed at the outskirts of Florence.


The Florence Patent Licensing Academy is an ideal capacity-building experience for early and mid-career professionals wanting to learn more about patent licensing in general and familiarise with the specifics of patent licensing in different industries. In particular, the PLA is suitable for:

  • Junior and mid-career law firm lawyers
  • Junior and mid-career economic consultants
  • In-house counsels in technology companies
  • Advocacy officers for patent and regulatory matters
  • Specialized legal journalists
  • Academics (PhD researchers, post-docs)

To cover the theoretical and practical aspects of patent licensing and litigation, the Florence Patent Licensing Academy includes lectures, group exercises and reading materials, for a total of 10 lectures and 4 group exercises.

Each class will last 1 hour and 15 minutes, of which 30 minutes are reserved for Q&As.

During the group exercises, participants will get to experience practical aspects of licensing patents in pharma, telecoms, automotive and IoT industries, face a mock FRAND licensing negotiations and SEP litigation campaign.

Reading materials will be available before each lecture.

The estimated total workload of the Academy is 30 hours.


Participants will learn about:

• the law and economics of patent licensing
• how to valuate patents and different patent valuation methods
• patent exhaustion doctrine and its impact on licensing
• the standardisation ecosystem and how standards are developed
• different licensing traditions and practices in pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, automotive and IoT industries
• remedies available for the infringement of patents and multi-jurisdictional patent litigation
• the content of a FRAND licence for SEP
• how to approach good-faith SEP licensing negotiations in line with global best practices
• competition law and policy towards SEPs
• new developments and policy initiatives for licensing SEPs in the Internet of Things


At the end of the training, participants who have regularly attended the classes of the Academy will receive a ‘Certificate of Participation’. The Certificate will be delivered both to participants opting for the ‘residential’ and the ‘online’ track.

Attendance of the Florence Seminar on Standard-Essential Patents on 6th and 7th October 2022 is not compulsory to obtain the Certificate of Participation.


Residential track:

  • Early bird fee: € 2.400
  • Regular fee: € 3.000
  • Discounted fee for Donors, partner organisations and full-time academics: € 2.400

Online track:

  • Early bird fee: € 800
  • Regular fee: € 1.000
  • Discounted fee for Donors, partner organisations and full-time academics: € 800

PhD students and post-docs (upon provision of relevant certification): € 700



The EUI reserves the right to cancel or modify the Patent Licensing Academy in compliance with official orders by the Italian Government relating to COVID-19 or other unforeseen circumstances. In such a cancellation or modification, the EUI will reimburse participation fees accordingly and will not be liable for any other costs or expenses incurred by participants in relation to the Patent Licensing Academy.

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