FSR/FCP Joint Annual Training on Competition & Regulation for the Digital Era

5 WEEK Online Course

Digital markets and new regulatory challenges


This 5-week training provides expert insight into the most recent competition and regulatory issues raised by the digital economy. The course begins with an analysis of disruptive innovation and business models, which represent a significant challenge to competition policy. Subsequent weeks cover such topics as digital platforms, algorithms, data as a source of market power and consumer protection. The most recent developments in competition law, with specific relevance to digital markets, will be given particular attention throughout the entire course.
The course provides a platform where participants can meet and learn from academics, outstanding in their fields. The training will take a multidisciplinary approach, allowing everyone to gain a combination of theoretical and practical skills, promoting brainstorming, teamwork and creative thinking.
Each module consists of dedicated reading materials, self-evaluation assessments, discussions, and an interactive live class to wrap-up the week. Recordings will be available shortly after each live class. Participants will work both individually and in groups on specific tasks, interacting with each other and the instructors.


Course director
Pier Luigi Parcu
  • Dates
    15 Jun 2020 - 19 Jul 2020
  • Level
  • Type
  • Workload
    5/6 hours per week
  • Register by
    12 Jun 2020
Webinar series

Participants are expected to attend a series of webinars on the impact of the coronavirus crisis on competition policy and regulation of digital markets in Europe. The webinars will take place every Friday at lunch time, via Zoom. Participation is free of charge. However, prior online registration is required for each webinar. Registrations open every Monday of the webinar’s week.

Course Structure

Welcome to the course
Live class: 15 June 2pm CET

Week 1: Digital Platforms
15 June – 21 June
Live class: 17 June 2pm CET

Week 2: Algorithms
22 June – 28 June
Live class: 24 June 2pm CET

Week 3: Data and Market Power
29 June – 5 July
Live class: 1 July 2pm CET

Week 4: Recent Developments in Competition Law Enforcement in Digital Markets
6 July – 12 July
Live class: 8 July 2pm CET

Week 5: Competition and Consumer Law Protection in the Digital Economy
13 July – 19 July
Live class: 15 July 2pm CET

Individual assignment delivery
2 August 2020

Feedback to individual assignment
First week of September

Audience and Levels

The course is designed for professionals interested in gaining in-depth knowledge over a short period of time, with a background in law or economics, including:

  • Officials from National Competition Authorities (NCAs), National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) and other public bodies
  • Professionals from firms active in the electronic communications sector, such as network operators and service providers, OTTs, cyber-security firms, platform operators
  • Policy and decision-makers
  • Academics

At the end of the course, the participants can earn a certificate depending on their level of engagement and performance throughout the course.

Level 1: Certificate of Attendance
Awarded to participants

Level 2: Certificate of Excellence
Awarded to participants that complete the weekly assignments on time, take part in most of the live classes (3 out of 5) and deliver the final assignments by 2 August 2020

Course fees

Program fee: 1000 €

Discounted fee for donors, officials from National Competition Authorities (NCAs) and National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs): 700 €

Discounted fee for full-time PhD students: 300 €

Course Faculty

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