EU Clean Energy Package

5 WEEK Online Course

Unpack the EU Clean Energy Package

The EU Clean Energy Package sets the energy and climate ambitions for the 2030 horizon, and the regulatory framework to achieve these ambitions. This online course provides a platform for experts to exchange views, and for non-experts to get up to speed with the thousands of pages of new rules.

Each week will have a comprehensive class with live interaction between the participants and the FSR instructors and it will culminate in three live panels consisting of high level invited experts.

Course director
Leonardo Meeus
  • Dates
    28 Apr 2020 - 04 Jun 2020
  • Level
  • Type
  • Workload
    4-8 hours/week
  • Register by
    22 Apr 2020

The EU Clean Energy Package sets the energy and climate ambitions for the 2030 horizon, and the regulatory framework to achieve these ambitions. This online training has followed the development of this package from the drafts till the final texts that have been adopted in 2019.

The training introduces you to the package and the ongoing implementation of this package in the different EU Member States. We provide a platform for experts to exchange views, and for non-experts to get up to speed with the thousands of pages with new rules.

In 2020, we organize the 3rd edition of this online training. It focuses on the Energy Union Governance Regulation, the Renewable Energy Directive, and the new deal paradigm of the Electricity Directive. Every year we provide an updated course text. Here is the reference to the text that has been used in the previous edition.


Welcome to the course
Live class: 28 April 2020 12:00 noon CEST 

Week 1: Energy Union Governance
Topics: 2030 energy and climate targets, integrated national energy and climate plans, bi-annual progress reports
Live class: 5 May 12-1pm CEST 

Week 2: Renewable Directive
Topics: EU binding RES target, Support schemes for RES, Guarantees of origin, renewables self-consumers, jointly acting renewables self-consumers, Renewable Energy Communities
Live class: 12 May 12-1pm CEST 

Week 3: New deal for Energy Consumers
Topics: self-consumption, smart meters, dynamic retail contracts, data access & management, peer-to-peer trading, independent aggregators and citizen energy communities
Live class: 19 May 12-1pm CEST 

Mastery Challenge
20 May – 4 June 2020
Deadline to submit the Mastery Challenges: 26 May 2020

Debrief mastery challenge 1
Online panel debate 1: Appraisal of the Governance of the Energy Union Regulation: 2 June 12-1pm CEST
Panelists: TBC

Debrief mastery challenge 2
Online panel debate 2: Appraisal of the Renewable Energy Directive: 3 June 12-1pm CEST
Panelists: TBC

Debrief mastery challenge 3
Online panel debate 3: Appraisal of the New deal for Energy Consumers- Electricity Directive: 4 June 12-1pm CEST
Panelists: TBC


The course is given in English and developed for: 

  • Broad target group of Adult learners 
  • EU Clean Energy Package experts and beginners 
  • Everyone affected by the EU Clean Energy Package, including: TSOs, NRAs, Governments, European Associations, Utilities, New Energy players, Stakeholders. 

The participants can take the course on 3 different levels: 

  • 1) Investigator: Learn the content of the package  
  • 2) Advocate: Learn to discuss and debate the EU Clean Energy Package with colleagues and field specialists 
  • 3) Master: Learn to discuss, analyse and attempt to solve/improve a European level real-life case  

The amount of time required to take this course depends on the aimed course level as well as the level of expertise in the subject prior to joining the course. For example: 

  • Novice to Investigator: 4-6 hours/week 
  • Novice to Advocate: 6-8 hours/week 
  • Novice to Master: 8-10 hours/week 
  • Expert (Advocate level understanding of the topic) to Master: 5 hours/week 

By taking this course, you will join a community of experts to share experiences with the implementation of the EU Clean Energy Package and get up to speed with these rules that affect all stakeholders. 

Participants will contribute to the new edition of the EU Clean Energy Package Report published by FSR and will have the chance to discuss their work with the main experts in the field via the online panels. 

At the end of the course, the participants can earn a Certificate of Attendance, a Certificate of Completion or a Certificate of Excellence, depending of their performance and engagement throughout the course. 

  • General Fee – 700 €
  • Students (with certificate of current studies) – 400 €
  • European Parliament – 500 €
  • Two free seats for FSR Energy Major Donors
  • One free seat for FSR Energy Associate Donors
  • One free seat for FSR Energy Union Law Donors

Cancellation policy

Paid registration fee is non-refundable. However, registrant substitution may be made up to 20 days before the start date of the course.

Registering Multiple Participants

Please register each participant separately, to comply with the EUI data protection policy and also as the information given here will be used to set -up the individual account of the course participant

Payment Confirmation

Please note that you must complete the payment process to complete your registration. For payment by credit card, you will receive by email a confirmation of payment. For payment by bank transfer, please send copy of the bank transfer to Upon request, you can get a confirmation of payment once the payment has been registered by our accounting department.

The Learning Approach
Personalised learning  
This course offers three different engagement levels, based on your prior knowledge and the amount of time you can dedicate to the course.  
Live class 
Every week, participants-led sessions to deep dive into the topic and interact with your instructors. Live classes are always recorded. 
Mastery Challenge 
a chance to collaborate with your peers on a European real-life case and discuss it with the main experts in the field. 
This course gives you instant feedback on your activity in the form of badges. The badges will be converted in the final certificate, which can be shared on your social networks. 
Course Faculty

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Contact Chiara
Klaus-Dieter Borchardt on the approval of the EU Clean Energy Package

Prof. L. Meeus, Director of the FSR training on EU Clean Energy Package, meets with Klaus-Dieter Borchardt (DG ENER Deputy DG, European Commission) in Florence. In this exclusive interview, Director Borchardt shares some valuable insights on the recent negotiations on the new energy legislative framework, and he guides us through the next implementations and key novelties.

What Participants say about this course

It is a great effort to have the new package course, this is needed and necessary, it is superb that FSR took the initiative. I expect, this course to be developed further and be essential for those familiarizing with the EU framework & regulatory role in there. Thank you very much !

Participant of the 2019 Edition
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