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Transport Forums

The FSR Transport Area’s core activity is the organisation of policy events, called Florence Transport Forums. The overall goal is to bring relevant stakeholders together to analyse and reflect upon the latest developments and important regulatory issues in the European transport sector.

The Florence Transport Forums address policy and regulatory topics in different transport sectors and allow participants to discuss topics and the contributions of selected speakers. The Transport Forums’ topics are selected by the Area Director in cooperation with members of the Advisory Council, the Scientific Advisors and the European Commission.

Transport Forums

Florence Air Forums

Florence Intermodal Forums

Florence Maritime Forum

1st | 9 November 2012 | Ports: How to Regulate Logistics Interfaces?

Florence Postal Forums

2nd | 15 February 2013 | Postal Regulation in the Context of a Growing e-commerce Market
1st | 17 February 2012 | Revisiting the European Universal Service Obligation

Florence Rail Forums

Florence Road Forums

Florence Urban Forums