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24th Conference on Postal and Delivery Economics

The postal sector is evolving due to the increasing role played by information and communication technologies (ICTs) and the internet. FSR Transport contributes to the ongoing analysis of challenges faced by the postal and delivery sector to remain competitive and to cope with new demands from customers and other stakeholders.

Florence Postal Forums 

The postal and delivery services sector is facing challenges that are similar to those of all other network industries. The Florence Postal Forums are directed at discussing the most recent developments and possible regulatory evolution in the sector, such as the Universal Service Obligation, the reform of the Public Service Obligation directive, the new role of e-commerce and its growth.


The Florence Postal Forums serve as a basis for the publication of the Postal Industry Regulation Newsletter by the Chair Management of Network Industry (EPFL). Papers from  FSR Transport workshops and all presentations from the events are available online.


Over the years, stakeholders and administrators as well as knowledgeable academics have attended the Florence Postal Forums to share their experiences. The increasing role of ICT requires experts from the sector to join the Forums, broadening the scope of discussion and enriching it with their expertise  click here to download the full list of speakers).

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24th Conference on Postal and Delivery Economics

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24th Conference on Postal and Delivery Economics: 18-21 May 2016

The 24th Conference on Postal and Delivery Economics organized by our colleagues of the Communications & Media Area of the Florence School of Regulation, in […] read more

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