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In the coming years, air transport is expected to grow significantly at a global level and the entire industry is facing major changes. FSR Transport is looking ever more closely at the air sector and is concentrating on analysing the current challenges faced at the European level from a wider, global perspective. This involves questioning stakeholders about the successes of the Single Market and the need for the Single European Sky (SES), analysing the effects of disruptive technologies as well as involving international associations and academics to explore the non-European dimension of air transport.

Florence Air Forums 

The Florence Air Forums are part of the successful series of Transport Forums organised by FSR Transport. 

The 1st Florence Air Forum took place in October 2010 and looked at several issues that have been developed in further Forums and discussion at FSR. The debate on the Single European Sky and its impact on technology development has been the main theme of the Florence Air Forums so far, where it is explored by valuable contributions from speakers and participants.

Read more about our latest Air Forum, for the first time held in Budapest: Budapest Air Forum (Single European Sky:the way forward) on November, 9th 2018. 

Executive Seminars

FSR Transport carries out targeted Executive Seminars on specific topics in air transport regulation.

For the launch of the Single European Sky 2+ package, FSR Transport co-organised its first Executive Seminar with DG MOVE in July 2013. The aim of this Executive Seminar was to provide a comprehensive overview of key issues surrounding the package and to provide the opportunity for a timely and frank exchange of views on selected aspects of SES  evolution thanks to the presence of selected senior managers.

The second Executive Seminar took place on February, 23rd 2015, and was organised in collaboration with DG MOVE and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). This seminar was an opportunity to follow up on the outcome of the stakeholder consultations carried out by the European Commission and EASA in 2014 and to reflect on ways of improving the European aviation safety system taking into account different interests involved. During the one-day event discussions focused on the three most complex and critical areas in which progress could be made to modernise the regulatory system and to ameliorate governance: 1) Towards a better regulatory system: does the current system meet the European citizens’ needs? 2) Are the resources adequate for the system? 3) Are there new domains where the EASA system would add value?

The latest Executive Seminar took place on May 28th, 2018. 


Papers from FSR Transport workshops and all event presentations are available online. Other working papers and journal articles on related themes can also be downloaded for free.

Read the latest FSR Transport publications on Air Transport.

Download the latest European Transport Regulation Observer on disruptive technologies in ATM.


Over the years, industry experts and knowledgeable academics have been joining FSR Transport meetings to discuss the latest developments in European air transport regulation. Representatives from the European Commission are increasingly involved and are now co-promoters of certain FSR Air Transport events (click here to download the full list of speakers). 

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