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Developing a Europe-wide railway network consistent with the objectives of the Single Market is a shared goal across Europe. Both the European Commission and national and local administrations are working towards the goal of developing better rail transport (infrastructure) for passengers and freight, through the improvement of interoperability and safety. The common strategy for achieving these goals is by opening markets and increasing competition. The FSR Transport activities are aimed at discussing these principles and analysing their implementation, focussing on different aspects related to the regulation of railway sectors in both the Forums and research activity.

Florence Rail Forums 

The Florence Rail Forums are part of the successful series of Transport Forums organised by FSR Transport. 

In April 2010 the Rail Regulation Workshop was the inaugural activity of FSR Transport. The Florence Rail Forums now take place twice a year and focus on the most important topics of railway policy at the European level. The Forums have become a unique platform for the exchange of ideas and open debate, where participants can meet and share their experiences with other stakeholders and academics. Regulation, competition and liberalisation are common themes examined during the Forums.

Read more about the 13th Florence Rail Forum on security (November, 25th 2016). The 14th Florence Rail Forum is going to take place on May, 22nd 2017 and will be about digital mobility.


Under the direction of Prof. Matthias Finger and in co-operation with the Chair of Management of Network Industries (EPFL), FSR Transport has carried out two research projects on specific aspects of the governance of European railways. A comparative approach allowed FSR Transport to highlight the peculiarities and the common aspects of the network and opened room for further research and analysis that FSR Transport will be examining in depth.

Prof. Finger also contributes to external publications by advising ongoing research projects.  


Research reports, papers from the FSR Transport workshops and all presentations from the events are available online. Other working papers and journal articles on related themes can be also downloaded for free.

Read the latest FSR Transport publications on Rail Transport


Over the years, stakeholders and administrators at all levels as well as knowledgeable academics have been joining Florence Rail Forums to share their experiences on railway regulation, administration and management (click here to download the full list of speakers).   

Rail Transport news


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