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Booklet / Energy

THINK Half-Way and Beyond

Author(s): GLACHANT Jean-Michel, MEEUS Leonardo, RUESTER Sophia

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Energy regulation and policy currently belong to the most important and developing areas in the European Union. THINK, the Florence School of Regulation’s (EUI) think tank advises the European Commission (DG Energy) on Energy Policy and presents policy options each semester. This booklet gives an overview of all the THINK results for the first 18 months of the project focusing on 6 topics: 1. Public Support for the Financing of RD&D Activities in New Clean Energy Technologies 2. Smart Cities Initiative: Fostering a Quick Transition Towards Local Sustainable Energy Systems 3. Transition Towards a Low Carbon Energy System by 2050: What Role for the EU? 4. The Impact of Climate and Energy Policies on the Public Budget of EU Member States 5. Off-Shore Grids: Towards a Least Regret EU Policy 6. EU Involvement in Electricity and Natural Gas Transmission Grid Tarification.