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Workshop Paper / Transport

Summary of the 4th Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures

Editor(s): BERT Nadia, KUPFER David

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Selected academics and practitioners have been invited to Florence on June 12th 2015 to discuss the latest developments in the regulation of different network industries, namely transport, energy, telecoms and water distribution. The fourth edition of the Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures had a special focus on emerging countries and several authors coming from these regions presented their research at the Conference.

A key element of the Conference is the exchange between young researchers and experienced professors specialised in different fields. Building on the experience gained from the past editions, the ambition of this Conference is to stimulate interdisciplinary as well as cross-sectorial discussions on the regulatory challenges in the network industries. As the four sectors are not in the same stage of transformation and different countries are not in the same development phase, a big variety of different questions and different policy options have been discussed. However, the Conference also promoted cross-sectoral discussions and exchanges on the general issues pertaining to all sectors such as the complex interplay between sector specific and competition regulation.

The Conference allowed researches to get high quality feedback from fellow colleagues and to learn from the experience of other network industries. 14 papers have been presented in seven round table sessions each dedicated to one of the discussed industries. Moreover, all the research areas of the Florence School of Regulation (Communications and Media, Energy, Transport, and Water regulation) were present with dedicated sessions in which the Area Directors moderated and discussed the papers. The Conference ended with a final joint session of all sectors, i.e., a joint round table featuring Prof Matthias Finger (FSR-Transport), Prof Jean-Michel Glachant (FSR-Energy), Prof Xavier Labandeira (FSR-Climate), Prof Pier Luigi Parcu (FSR-Communications and Media) and Prof Stéphane Saussier (FSR-Water).

In light of the success of this year’s Conference we look forward to continuing this important cross- sectorial approach in the upcoming editions of the Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures.