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Some THINKing on European energy policy

Author(s): THINK

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Energy regulation and policy currently belong to the most important and developing areas in the European Union.
THINK, the Florence School of Regulation’s think tank was running from June 2010 to May 2013. THINK advised the European Commission (DG Energy) on Energy Policy and presented policy options each semester.

This booklet gives an overview of the THINK output published in the second half of the project and focuses on 6 topics:

  • How to Refurbish All Buildings by 2050
  • Electricity Storage: How to Facilitate its Deployment and Operation in the EU
  • A new EU Energy Technology Policy towards 2050: Which Way to Go?
  • Cost Benefit Analysis in the Context of the Energy Infrastructure Package
  • Shift, Not Drift: Towards Active Demand Response and Beyond
  • From Distribution Networks to Smart Distribution Systems: Rethinking the Regulation of European Electricity DSOs.