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A preparatory study for the DTT auction in Greece : number of licenses and reserve price

Author(s): BOHLIN Erik, PARCU Pier Luigi, SASSANO Antonio, STASI Maria Luisa

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In October 2015, the Greek Parliament voted on new legislation concerning, among other things, the digital terrestrial television broadcasting licensing procedure for private TV stations. The new framework aims to regulate the field, after years of private TV broadcasting on “temporary” licenses, which were issued 25 years ago. Under the new framework, the Greek regulatory Authority (the National Board of Radio and Television – hereinafter, ESR) will issue a number of licenses to television content providers, after a highest-bid auction process. The number of licenses will be determined by a majority vote of the Greek Parliament, following the Minister of State’s proposal, and after public deliberation and consultation with the ESR, and both Greek and international experts. The initial price of the license is to be determined by a joint decision of the Ministers of State responsible for Communications and Media and Finance.