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Network Industries Quarterly, Vol. 18 No 3 – The challenges of digitalization and the use of data

Editor(s): BERT Nadia, KUPFER David

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The de- and re-regulation of the different network industries is an ongoing process at national and global levels. As this process unfolds, ever new phenomena emerge. Yet, the question about the right mixture between market, economic, technical and social regulation remains wide open in all the network industries.

Selected academics and practitioners have been invited to Florence on June 24th 2016 at the Annual Conference of the Florence School of Regulation to discuss the latest developments in the regulation of different network industries, namely transport, energy, telecoms and water distribution. The fifth edition of the Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures had a special focus on digitalization and the use of data, which is a topic that cuts across all network industries and is highly debated. 10 papers have been presented in five round table sessions, each dedicated to one of the discussed industries: some of the best papers presented at the 5th Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures are presented in this issue of the Network Industries Quarterly.

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