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Workshop Paper / Transport

High Speed Rail Connected

Author(s): HYLÉN Bertil

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Europe should, according to the EU White Paper (EU 2011), by 2020 establish the framework for a European multimodal transport information, management and payment system. The White Paper also stresses the connection of High Speed rail with other modes of transport.

This paper describes how six European countries have introduced various schemes for multimodal or intermodal passenger transport including through ticketing for long distance rail combined with local/regional public transport. These schemes are referred to as ICReg. Different systems for revenue distribution between the parties involved – rail operators, local operators, Passenger Transport Authorities (PTA) – also exist.   

The six countries described in this paper (Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Sweden) have chosen different schemes but in most other European countries there are no similar schemes at all. There are century-old barriers between long distance and local/regional operators which need to be broken down. The author recommends that the rail and public transport sectors should not wait for ITS or the EU to solve intermodal problems on a European scale but start developments on a small scale taking into account different market conditions and easily available technical solutions.